Bushtucker Blend


Our Bushtucker Blend D’Plum coffee adds the uniquely Australian flavour of Kakadu Plum to our mildest Chilli Coffee. The tart taste of Kakadu Plum nicely off-sets the spice of mild chilli to give your coffee a delicious pang. The high-quality flavour of our Bushtucker Blends adds extra interest to your coffee break.

  • available in a sample size, a 125g bag, or a 500g bag
  • blended locally
  • made with genuine Australian bush tucker produce
  • use with a coffee machine, a pour-over filter or a coffee press
  • level 1 out of our 5 levels of chilli spice

1 Out of 5 Spice

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D’PLUMB coffee is infused with Bush Plum, the Kakadu Plum a nutrient-rich, antioxidant powerhouse and a touch of super mild Chilli Spice!  Boasting the highest Vitamin C levels of any fruit in the world, the Kakadu Plum is a tart little berry that is best enjoyed in small portions.

Considered a gift of the Dreamtime, the Kakadu Plum is Australia’s star superfood performer.  Kakadu Plum has exceptional nutritional and antiseptic properties and has been an important food and medicine in Northern Australia for millennia. From March to June, the local people harvest and consume this energizing, thirst-quenching fruit. Throughout the rest of the year, the tree sap is consumed to treat joint inflammation, whilst the bark is applied to the body to treat burns, rashes and infections.

High in folate, iron and Vitamin E and containing vastly more antioxidants than the blueberry, the magnificent Kakadu Plum has the highest recorded levels of Vitamin C in the world, measuring up to 100 times the Vitamin C content found in an orange.

Weight145 g
Dimensions24 × 16 × 2 cm
Bag Size

125gm, 500gm *BEST VALUE*, Try a Sample

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