D'PEPI - Peppermint Gum
& Super Mild Chilli Spice
Ground Coffee Infusion
500 gm bag


D’PEPI delivers an explosion of flavour in your mouth.  This creative combination of natural spices transcends a void of discovery into a taste unknown.  Part of the Australian Native Bush Tukka range, Peppermint Gum has a sweet mint aroma and taste.  Said to improve concentration, enhance liver function, calm the digestive system it is considered a Super Food. When combined with a blend of super mild chilli spice, so subtle you will struggle to taste, it sparks complementary flavours that just work! The single-origin coffee beans are sourced from a highland region of Central America, for their rich rounded flavours, high caffeine and balanced acidity.


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D’PEPI delivers a strong, sweet mint aroma and taste.  Peppermint gum leaves have been used in Australia for centuries as a flavouring and also for their fragrant smell. The minty fresh leaves are said to improve concentration, enhance liver function, and calm the digestive system.

Native to south-eastern Australia, peppermint gum grows to about 30 metres and has peppermint flavoured leaves which are glossy grey to grey-brown. Indigenous peoples used peppermint gum as tonics for gastro-intestinal symptoms, the gum when mixed with water was taken internally to calm the stomach and used as a health tonic. It can be used as an anaesthetic and a cough suppressant, as a decongestant and expectorant and even to fight bad breath.

Weight515 g
Dimensions24 × 16 × 5 cm
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