Chilli Coffee Travel Mug
Insulated 425 ml


Grab a coffee mug today.  Ideal with a gift pack.  Check out our special combo options with a sample pack. A Thermo cup will ensure you savour a hot coffee every time!  We hate disposable cups and want to do our bit for the environment, so these mugs are a great way to refill and save!

$8.95 Incl GST

All prices include GST if applicable

Hot coffee every time! No one wants a room-temperature cup of coffee, especially on those cold winter mornings. Since disposable cups are wasteful and regular at-home china cups or mugs aren’t practical to take in the car, our travel coffee mug will make sure that your Chilli Coffee is the perfect temperature (hot or cold!) — no matter how long ago you made it. Due to availability, sometimes the product supplied may vary visually from one pictured, but will still do the job!

Weight150 g
Dimensions8 × 8 × 17.5 cm
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