AeroPress Go
Travel Coffee Press


All NEW Aeropress Go has been revamped to store neatly away in its own travel own mug.  The Aeropress Go design makes it easy to fit in your travel bag, at work, on your boat and fits neatly into your backpack while hiking when away camping. When travelling or at home, the Aeropress Go provides everything you need to conveniently brew great coffee with simplicity and ease.

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All NEW AeroPress Go is a convenient portable coffee maker which can be used anywhere. The small coffee maker delivers a delicious, quick and consistent coffee, no matter where you use it. Regardless if you own the original version or not, the AeroPress Go is more compact, lighter and is an ideal portable brewing device.

It collapses and folds into itself, becoming a neat unit stored in its own transport cup.

The AeroPress Go fits all current AeroPress accessories, AeroPress adapters and additional filters.

You can check out many online videos or follow these simple “HOW TO USE” instructions.

Open up the unit and make sure it is clean.

Insert a filter in the Cap and pour some water over.

Depending on how strong you like your brew, we suggest you insert between 15 – 20 gm of ground coffee.  (Chilli Coffee standard grind works a treat in the new AeroPress Go.)

Now, fill the plunger with hot water.  We recommend just off boiling at around 90 degrees C.

Stir the brew (you can use the stirrer provided) or a spoon.

Wait about 1 minute and plunge to extract your coffee.  If you leave longer the Chili intensity will increase.

Add additional water or milk and a sweetener to suit your personal requirements. Enjoy!


The mug holds all the various parts so you can pack away your AeroPress Go plunger and accessories all in to the one mug.  Then slid on the silicone lid to ensure everything stays safe in one place.

A new AeroPress Go updated design delivers the same volume output yet collapses into a smaller more convenient size. The scoop is smaller and still holds around 16g coffee. The stirrer folds down to store away in the GO.  The filter papers can be stored in the small filter holder, so you always have some on hand when travelling.

The total immersion coffee method makes smooth, rich and fast coffee every time.

Smart filters, either paper or the reusable stainless steel filter will deliver grit-free brewed coffee. The unit comes with 350 paper filters or you can purchase a stainless steel filter accessory.

The unit can be easily cleaned after brewing by tipping the spent coffee into the trash or a compost bin, then just rinse the plunger parts.  Dry and store ready for your next brew.

The unit is made from bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate free. The plastic is durable, light and strong. It unit is fully manufactured in the USA to exacting standards.


1 x AeroPress Go Coffee maker



Filter Cap

Compact Paddle

Scoop (Average 16g ground coffee capacity)

Mug with Lid

350 Paper Filters


Brewing Capacity        237ml (8oz)

Travel Mug capacity   444ml (15oz)

Dimensions     12cm x 9cm x 10cm

Weight 326g


Ten Mile Stainless Filter Disk – CLICK HERE

Weight475 g
Dimensions11.5 × 11.5 × 19 cm
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