Cafflano Kompact Portable Eco Coffee Maker


The Cafflano Kompact has been developed with an advanced ‘bellows style’ brewing system which uses a similar extraction process to a French press or Aeropress. The easy to use system has an ultra-fine etched stainless steel filter which means you don’t need any paper filters. Simply add ground coffee and water and within minutes you have a delicious brew. The collapsible design and carry case means it is compact enough to take with you anywhere. Great way to sample Chilli Coffee with the perfect travel companion.

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Cafflano Kompact is an advanced press-typed coffee brewer, which consists of silicone bellows (easy and efficient power transmitting press chamber) with a foldable press guide, ultra-fine etched stainless filter, and an airlock cap to keep it compact and enable cold brew on the go. It’s a simple pressing, portable hot and cold brewer!

Cafflano Kompact’s filter is made of stainless steel on which micro holes were chemically etched and thus, no paper filters are required (If needed, existing commercial paper filters can be used). Its in-mould frame protects the thin microfilter from damages.

Cafflano Kompact is compact, just like its model name, and it weighs only 220g. Its height is only 61mm when shrunk and 122mm with full set up. Its diameter is 108mm to be able to use on most size of cups. Making this smallest press-typed coffee brewer in the world was possible thanks to utilizing silicon bellows as its press chamber. Providing excellent portability, the brewer is safe and enables precise pressing. The Cafflano Kompact has single open-side mechanism to prevent steam or hot water leakage.  We use them regularly, that’s why we stock them on our web page for our customers.

Weight 420 g
Dimensions 13.5 × 9 × 14 cm


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