D'VINE "Award Winning"
Mild Chilli Coffee
500 gm bag


Welcome to a unique coffee drinking experience. Your taste buds will be tantalised from the first sip to the last. You will note the wonderful caramel and chocolate notes, accentuated and enhanced with a subtle hint of complementary chilli spice. If you prefer your coffee black, white, flavoured, the choice is yours, as you dive into a journey of rich taste sensations. We pack our coffee in 500-gram bags to seal in the freshness soon after the coffee has been roasted, ground and blended. We roast regularly to ensure you are always supplied fresh Chilli Coffee. Enjoy!


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D’VINE “Award Winning” Mild Chilli Coffee

Full-flavoured, rich and balanced.  D’VINE select coffee blend has been roasted to enhance flavours of caramel and chocolate notes.  Blending this complex, yet perfectly balanced coffee together with a variety of chilli spices requires skill.  What we have created is a coffee designed to unlock multiple taste elements, a complete taste sensation.  The subtlety of coffee and chilli flavours working in harmony ensures the full flavour of the coffee is maintained without any hint of overpowering the fine balance with excessive heat.  The chilli is more spice in the back of your palate than a hot sensation.  The spice tends to sneak up on the drinker delivering an intoxicating experience, encouraging you to have another sip, continuing to explore all levels of this taste delight.

Weight523 g
Dimensions12.5 × 8.5 × 24 cm
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