Chilli Coffee
500 gm bag


D’STING Hot XXX Chilli Coffee has been designed for the serious chilli lovers who relish the hit of heat and richness of the taste associated with premium coffee. It smacks a punch from the first mouthful and has a lasting and lingering heat that will say with you for some time after you finish your last mouthful. And no it is not for everyone with some devout chilli people wanting to go another level.  Watch this space we aim to accommodate with a beast designed to knock your socks off.  Indulge… it is unlike anything you have tasted before!


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D’STING Hot XXX Intensity Chilli Coffee “Slap me hard and call me Jimmy!”

Have you ever fallen off a horse and broken a leg, well this isn’t that… it’s going to hit you twice as hard!  This black gold will live in your dreams and kick any day or night into full gear.  This D’STING coffee intensity was designed for the serious lovers of chilli with the intensity of heat leaving your mouth begging for another sip.  Drinking milk won’t fix the smack of this sucker.  This coffee drinking experience will delight seasoned chilli lovers, beware it’s not for the faint-hearted.  The coffee blend is strong and intense which complements the fullness of the heat.  Need a pick me up, this will send you to the moon.  Forget energy drinks, this 100% natural product is designed to stimulate your senses and provide lasting warmth.

So where did the saying “Slap me Hard and call me Jimmy” come from?  James the creator of Chilli Coffee has a nickname… Jimmy.  When people started to try Chilli Coffee some wanted the taste hotter, so to accommodate we boosted the mix and heat of the chilli we use. Every level of Chilli Coffee has a different blend and intensity to complement the coffee we use.  Try them, you will note a subtle difference in each flavour.  When we got the intensity just right, one of James good mates in typical Australian style jested and said: “Slap me Hard and call me Jimmy”, as his way of saying, that’s it, perfect!  And so it stuck.

Help us come up with more fun sayings by providing your comments and suggestions.  Send us your ideas and we can share them with other Chilli Coffee lovers.

Is D’STING Hot XXX for everyone?  Definitely not, it was designed for those who love the intensity of heat and spice married with an awesome premium coffee, yep we believe a marriage of delightful tastes!

Please Note:  All our coffee products are made with added Chilli.  Some people may have an allergic reaction when consuming chilli products.

Weight523 g
Dimensions12.5 × 8.5 × 24 cm
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