Premier Gift Pack
Includes: Cafflano, Mug
4 x 500 gm & 4 x 125 gm bags
of each Chilli Coffee
presented in wicker basket


This combo basket is the ideal chilli and coffee lovers treat.  It includes a bag of each of the Chilli Coffee intensities, D’LISH “Super Mild”, D’VINE “Award Winning” Mild, D’MIDL Medium and D’STING Hot XXX in both the 500 gm and 125 sampler bags.

Included is the Cafflano coffee maker, our Thermo coffee mug, all packed together in a material lined wicker basket.  If you are searching for a gift for someone who you know has a fetish for chilli and coffee look no further… this is the ultimate gift to make hearts and mouths sing with delight.

Best of all, we will ship it to you FREE of any freight costs! (for Australian customers only)

WHAT’S INCLUDED: All packed in a wicker basket!

Cafflano Kompact Portable Eco Coffee Maker

The Cafflano Kompact has been developed with an advanced ‘bellows style’ brewing system which uses a similar extraction process to a French press or Aeropress. The easy to use system has an ultra-fine etched stainless steel filter which means you don’t need any paper filters. Simply add ground coffee and water and within minutes you have a delicious brew. The collapsible design and carry case means it is compact enough to take with you anywhere. Great way to sample Chilli Coffee with the perfect travel companion.

Coffee Mug – Insulated 425 ml

Grab a coffee mug today.  Ideal with a gift pack.  Check out our special combo options with a sample pack. A Thermo cup will ensure you savour a hot coffee every time!  We hate disposable cups and want to do our bit for the environment, so these mugs are a great way to refill and save!

D’LISH Chilli Coffee – 1 bag 500 gm & 1 bag 125 gm

Subtle, rich and balanced, our D’LISH “Super Mild” blend has been designed for those who love smooth premium flavoured coffee with just the smallest hint of chilli spice.  This blend is perfect for those who use a French press and enjoy a short or long black.  The balanced blend ensures the full flavours of the coffee are maintained without any suggestion of overpowering heat intensity on the pallet.  The hint of spice is evident on the tongue, supporting the complexities of caramels, chocolates and naturally sweet flavours.  This blend has been specially designed for lovers of coffee who will enjoy a hint of warmth this coffee will deliver to the mouth, throat and whole of body sensation. It is a pure delight, especially for any cold winter’s morning.

D’VINE “Award Winning” MILD Chilli Coffee – 1 bag 500 gm & 1 bag 125 gm

Full-flavoured, rich and balanced.  D’VINE select coffee blend has been roasted to enhance flavours of caramel and chocolate notes.  Blending this complex, yet perfectly balanced coffee together with a variety of chilli spices requires skill.  What we have created is a coffee designed to unlock multiple taste elements, a complete taste sensation.  The subtlety of coffee and chilli flavours working in harmony ensures the full flavour of the coffee is maintained with a warm sensation of spicy tingle to the pallet.  D’VINE can be quite intense as a black, however, when combined with your favourite whitener the heat will soften with the full flavours of the premium coffee.  The chilli is more spice in the back of your palate than a hot sensation.  The spice tends to sneak up on the drinker delivering an intoxicating experience, encouraging you to have another sip, continuing to explore all levels of this taste delight.

D’MIDL Chilli Coffee1 bag 500 gm & 1 bag 125 gm

Our D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee blend is subtly different across all levels, balanced with a more intense coffee blend and different combination of chilli spices.  Made from premium quality arabica beans, the taste of chilli is immediately noticeable.  The chilli spice tickles the middle pallet as the evident spicy heat builds, enticing you to take another sip.  You will feel a welcoming warmth in the mouth, throat and stomach.  The warmth builds as you enjoy flavours that this coffee produces, enlivening your whole body with a welcome inner glow.

Drinking a D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee is a journey, as every sip unlocks another sensation demanding you come back again and again and again.

D’STING Chilli Coffee1 bag 500 gm & 1 bag 125 gm

Only experiencing our D’STING Hot XXX Chilli Coffee for yourself will you truly understand this taste extravaganza.  We make no apology; it is very different and designed for lovers of chilli heat who yearn for an explosion of heat, this coffee delivers for your mouth and whole body.  The coffee is strong and intense, necessary to match this chilli hit.  Very quickly your whole mouth will be overcome with the smoky barbecue hot chilli taste.  Love chilli, love coffee?  D’STING Chilli Coffee is not for beginners.

Weight 335 g
Dimensions 43 × 30 × 17 cm


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Includes: Cafflano, Mug
4 x 500 gm & 4 x 125 gm bags
of each Chilli Coffee
presented in wicker basket”

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