D'MIDL "Medium"
Chilli Coffee
125 gm bag


Welcome to a unique coffee drinking experience.  This sample pack provides enough D’MIDL Medium ground Chilli Coffee for between 8 – 10 generous cups, dependent on how strong and intense you like it.  Your taste buds will be tantalised from the first sip to the last.  For something special consider a sampler pack with all three intensities included.


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D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee

Our D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee blend is subtly different across all levels, balanced with a more intense coffee blend and different combination of chilli spices.  Made from premium quality arabica beans, the taste of chilli is immediately noticeable.  The chilli spice tickles the middle pallet as the evident spicy heat builds, enticing you to take another sip.  You will feel a welcoming warmth in the mouth, throat and stomach.  The warmth builds as you enjoy flavours that this coffee produces, enlivening your whole body with a welcome inner glow.

Drinking a D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee is a journey, as every sip unlocks another sensation demanding you come back again and again and again.

Weight139 g
Dimensions23 × 16 × 2 cm
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