Coffee Mug 425 ml
D’MIDL Chilli Coffee
“Sampler Pack”
in presentation box


Grab a coffee mug today in an ideal “Gift Pack Combo”.  Ideal gift pack which includes D’MIDL 125 gm sample pack.  Packed in a recycled flip-top box, we present the pack with tissue paper and a welcome letter enclosed. This Thermo coffee cup will ensure you savour a hot coffee every time!  We hate disposable cups and want to do our bit for the environment, so these mugs are a great way to refill and save!

Hot coffee every time! No one wants a room-temperature cup of coffee, especially on those cold winter mornings. Since disposable cups are wasteful and regular at-home china cups or mugs aren’t practical to take in the car, our travel coffee mug will make sure that your Chilli Coffee is the perfect temperature (hot or cold!) — no matter how long ago you made it.

D’MIDL MEDIUM Chilli Coffee

Our D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee blend is subtly different across all levels, balanced with a more intense coffee blend and different combination of chilli spices.  Made from premium quality arabica beans, the taste of chilli is immediately noticeable.  The chilli spice tickles the middle pallet as the evident spicy heat builds, enticing you to take another sip.  You will feel a welcoming warmth in the mouth, throat and stomach.  The warmth builds as you enjoy flavours that this coffee produces, enlivening your whole body with a welcome inner glow.

Drinking a D’MIDL Medium Chilli Coffee is a journey, as every sip unlocks another sensation demanding you come back again and again and again.

Weight 357 g
Dimensions 25 × 18 × 8 cm


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D’MIDL Chilli Coffee
“Sampler Pack”
in presentation box”

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