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Remember when people had no dairy alternatives and then soy milk was introduced?  Then came almond, macadamia, oat, pea milk and the list goes on.  Look we get it, consumers now dictate what they want and when they don’t get what they prefer, their legs do the walking  next door to the cafe who can provide their favourite coffee,whitener, syrup etc. 

Like milk alternatives, Chilli Coffee is different, some may say an acquired taste, but hey if you go into your favourite cafe, we guess you will opt to go somewhere else, where they can give you an awesome Chilli Coffee, if that is what you want. 

If your favourite barrister has not yet got on board, ask them to contact us so we can supply Chilli Coffee to them.  For more details see below.



Explaining How it Works.

When we launched Chilli Coffee in mid-March this year, we had no idea that a week later, all the cafes and restaurants would be forced to curtail trading.  It has affected everyone and like many others made our start challenging.  When this all happened, we decided it would be inappropriate to contact businesses to introduce them to Chilli Coffee, when their trading was turned on its head.  So, we waited! 

As we return slowly to some sort of NEW routine and many cafes and restaurants start resuming normal trading over the coming weeks, we feel it is now OK to introduce ourselves and discuss options for them possibly stocking Chilli Coffee for their customers to enjoy.  

The Opportunity

When you next visit your favourite cafe, restaurant or take-away, can you please hand them a card and suggest they consider stocking Chilli Coffee.  Ensure you write your name on the card in the space provided before you pass it to the store operator/manager.

The reason you need to include your name is so we can show our appreciation by supplying you with a reward.

The Reward

Should the cafe, restaurant or take-away that you hand the invitation card to contact us and purchase ONE bag of 500 gm coffee, we will send you FREE, a bag of our 500 gm coffee of your choice, as your reward, with our compliments.

To be sent some cards, please email us at:

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