D'Midl Chilli Coffee

D'MIDL "Medium" Chilli Coffee
Available in 125 & 500 gram bags
“Dare you to give it a go”

Starting at $10.95 per bag

D’MIDL “Medium” Intensity Chilli Coffee will “Excite your taste buds and heighten your senses”.

Stepping up from the mild intensity, or diving straight in, you will note an immediate hit of spice on the first sip. The coffee flavours are rich and balanced and are quickly complemented by heat and a bite in the mouth, that moves quickly to the back of the palate daring you to take another sip.  This is a journey of coffee drinking pleasure like no other. 

The chilli intensity will suit those who enjoy a full-bodied coffee, enhanced with the complexity of spice, who welcome the tingling of the taste buds and moderate lingering afterglow.  Designed for chilli lovers. We pack our coffee in 500-gram bags to seal in the freshness soon after the coffee has been roasted, ground and blended.  We roast regularly to ensure you are always supplied fresh Chilli Coffee.  Enjoy the zest of the heat and spice.

Please Note:  All our coffee products are made with added Chilli.  Some people may have an allergic reaction when consuming chilli products.


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What Our Customers Say

Here are some comments from people who enjoy drinking Chilli Coffee

Congratulations Chilli Coffee!
Fantastic Idea.
Fantastic Coffee.
AC Auto Electrics
Chilli & Coffee, a match made in heaven. The balance between coffee and spice is spot on. Hard Knight Coffee has added to our menu.
Wayne & Michelle
Hard Knight Coffee
At Last a coffee I don't need any sugar added. The chilli takes away the coffee bite and leaves me with an oh-ah taste. Wow love it!
British Consulate Office

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