Chilli Coffee is a family business. Jimmy and Christine do it all in their home town of Burpengary about 45 minutes north of Brisbane. They make up our Chilli Coffee blends, package them, label them, post them, and at the end of a long day they test them…in a big cup with a slice of chocolate cake on the side. Both of them are passionate about their creation and are always on top of everything in the entire make-more-awesome-Chilli-Coffee process.

Jimmy and Christine from Chilli Coffee
Coffee Machine

Coffee is Jimmy’s and Christine’s thing. For years (and years and years) Jimmy and Christine have been working hard under their Barrarister business name, distributing the Fracino brand of coffee machine, helping establish coffee vans. They did this while running their own coffee van, using it to demonstrate innovations to improve the coffee van process. It was their hands-on experience with the workings of making a good cup of coffee that gave Chilli Coffee such strong foundations.

We’re proud of our humble beginnings. We didn’t start out with chilli. For a long time Jimmy and his coffee truck kept the locals in supply of good coffee. It was in his truck in between customers that he started experimenting with adding the zing of chilli, and he’d try it out with his regulars. As he crafted the range that is today’s Chilli Coffee blends, it was those regulars that insisted that these new flavours were added to his line-up. Chilli Coffee was added to the chalk board and it was the start of something different.

Award winning Coffee

And soon we were winning awards! It shouldn’t have come to Jimmy and Christine as such a big surprise, but they were gob-smacked to have won the popular food industry Mr Chilli Awards in 2019 and 2020. This saw an even bigger spike in popularity for Chilli Coffee, and it was time for Jimmy to take our Chilli Coffee packs online. With the addition of a website, Jimmy was able to reach more customers around Australia.

Then we started wholesaling too. It started with a handful of friends of friends, or clients that Jimmy and Christine helped get going. Then more and more and more coffee OR chilli retailers reached out for some Chilli Coffee. So we had to dust off our website, and start taking ourselves even more seriously. We fine-tuned our range, calculated wholesale prices, and now offer wholesale pricing to abn holding coffee sellers. And because we know first-hand what it’s like to be a little coffee truck making a start, we decided not to have any minimum orders, and even added sample packs.

Wholesale Chilli Coffee

Chilli Coffee cooking took us by surprise. Again, it was while Jimmy was working in his coffee truck that he wondered how our Chilli Coffee would work in recipes. He scratched out a few ideas, and before long he was cooking-with-gas (and Chilli Coffee). And because Jimmy loves to share his ideas with the world, he and Christine started our Live Facebook Chilli Coffee cooking show. He became a local hit and his creations have varied from meat rubs to lamingtons, all using Chilli Coffee.