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Persistence has been the key to the success of developing Chilli Coffee. It all came about when a customer was talking about his love of chilli and suggested it would be cool if someone invented coffee enhanced with a chilli flavour. And so, the journey of experimentation, trial and error over two years took shape to figure out a recipe of complementary flavours that just work.

James, one of our founders, an experienced coffee roaster, barista, lover of great coffee with a passion for spicy foods took on the challenge. Many have tried and given up, not James. Thankfully he kept going to develop a coffee that is truly unique and a joy to drink.

Chilli Coffee has started small but watch this space as we roll out a range of exciting beverages, complemented with the hit of Chilli Coffee. Chilli Coffee is like nothing you have ever tasted before. Try it for yourself, we love it and hope you do as well. Enjoy!

A Unique Blend

About Chilli Coffee

Chilli Coffee has developed a unique range of Chilli flavoured and enhanced coffees. Our range consists of four core flavours, or how we define – four intensities of heat, D’LISH “Super Mild”, D’VINE “Mild”, D’MIDL “Medium” and D’STING “HOT XXX”.

Before we add any chilli we start with premium award-winning green beans sourced from some of the world’s most famous coffee growing regions. We have developed a range of various blends, carefully roasted to our own unique recipe. Our chilli is sourced from various parts of the globe, again blended to our own unique recipe.

The taste experience is remarkable and different. The rich flavours of the coffee are enhanced and complemented in a way that is completely different for every person. Unlike just savouring a good cup of coffee, drinking Chilli Coffee is a journey of pure drinking pleasure like no other. You can drink it long, short, black, white, with any style of milk product, it can be sweetened or left unsweetened to savour the full complexity of the various flavours.

Don’t take our word for it, try a cup today, it is impossible to stop at just one sip. It is simply addictive coffee drinking pleasure!

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Our coffee is sourced from ethical growers who operate under Fair Trade practices.

We are a wholly owned Australian company based in Brisbane Queensland.

Our ground coffee blends are 100% natural with no added preservatives, colours or any additives.

We only use premium A-grade coffee and chilli spice for all our blends. No compromise!

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Founder - Bean Master & Inventor

James Sullivan

James simply loves coffee, the taste, the aroma, the subtleties, the complexities, the pleasure and joy of drinking quality coffee. He is an inventor with a flair for creativity and a visionary who does not accept the status quo. James is the creator of Chilli Coffee, who took on the challenge and imagined “what if” and succeeded!

Starting his working career as a Master Plumber, he took those skills and worked for many years with XXXX Brewery in Brisbane as their production manager. It was here where he honed his skills to bring the best out in other people with a simple philosophy of reward for effort. His understanding of production process and systems is superior. He puts the knowledge to good use managing Chilli Coffee roasting, blending, bagging and dispatch.

Progressing to the largest family owned international wine company, James headed up the sales and distribution across the Asia Pacific region. His appreciation for fine wine, honed across all varietals developed his palate and understanding for what makes awesome coffee. With many similarities of flavours and characteristics, James has set the bar very high for the quality and complexity delivered with Chilli Coffee.

Well-travelled with his wife, James calls Queensland home. His light-hearted wit, jovial nature and love of Australianisms ensures he is fun to be around.

We owe James credit for inventing Chilli Coffee.

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