BOLD Intensity, FRESH Taste,
Excitingly DIFFERENT,
Tantalising and INDULGENT!

Award Winning Chilli Coffee

Chilli Coffee - 4 Heat Intensities & Decaf

D'LISH "Super Mild"
Chilli Coffee

From $9.95 per bag

D'VINE "Mild"
Chilli Coffee

From $9.95 per bag

D'MIDL "Medium"
Chilli Coffee

From $9.95 per bag

Chilli Coffee

From $9.95 per bag

D'CAFF "Super Mild"

From $14.95 per bag

Now Available - The Dragon Syrup Range

Creative Innovation - Syrups to Excite & Delight

Dragon Syrups are NEW and excitingly different. These gourmet syrups extend way past anything you have ever tasted before! They are a taste extravaganza of pure enjoyment.

Each syrup is more than just a coffee syrup, they are an extraordinary flavour condiment that can be used for a multitude of applications.  You can add a touch to your coffee, mix a dash with your favourite milk, pour over literally any type of food, use as marinade for meat, fish, anything really, a cocktail mixer, the scope is endless.

Each syrup has been created with our unique recipe with added chilli spice. The first time you taste you will be hard-pressed to notice the subtlest of tingles that is not heat, but flavour. The added chilli magically unlocks hidden flavours that words simply can’t explain.  Click on the links below to grab your today!

Dragon Espresso – Coffee syrup with super mild chilli

Dragons Breath – Coffee syrup with some noticeable spice

Dragon Wild Ride Coffee energy syrup with Guarana & Ginseng with a difference

Dragon Heart Voluptuous Chocolate syrup with added Davidson Plum

Dragon Live Wire Dreamtime White Chocolate & Cherry syrup with Guarana, Ginseng & Kakadu Plum

Also Available in traditional Caramel, Vanilla and Chai Tea flavours (without any added chill Spice).

"Mild" Chilli Coffee...
Like No Other

We are super excited to be selected 1st place in the Chilli Beverages Category for the prestigious Mr Chilli Awards 2020. 

After only a few short weeks in business, our peers have provided us with the greatest compliment we could of hoped for.  Don’t take our word for it, others have confirmed and agree they know it tastes awesome!

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 14 ratings)


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