BOLD Intensity, FRESH Taste,
Excitingly DIFFERENT,
Tantalising and INDULGENT!

Award Winning Chilli Coffee

Now Available - Dragon Syrup

Creative Innovation – Syrups by Chilli Coffee

Dragon Syrups are a NEW and exciting range of Gourment Coffee Syrups developed by Chilli Coffee.  Available in traditional Caramel, Vanilla, Chai Tea and two spicy coffee flavours, with a hint of added chill spice to tantalise the taste buds.

Ideal for use as an “Iced Coffee” syrup, Dragon Espresso Super Mild and Dragons Breath Spicy, are coffee-based syrups with added chilli spice. There is nothing that can prepare you for a drink that is cold, yet spicy hot to the palate. Complementing these two rich espresso flavours we have added three other popular syrups to provide any coffee house, bar or restaurant a stunning gourmet syrup range, presented with striking labels packaged in premium bottles.

Coffee can be enhanced with complementary flavours.  Our journey to enhance coffee with Chilli spice has taken the ordinary and turned it into the extraordinary.  With continued research and development with a great deal of creative inspiration and experimentation, we have evolved a new chapter in coffee drinking pleasure, shaping a completely new range of gourmet syrups, like nothing else!

Welcome to Dragon Syrup, with Dragon Espresso and Dragons Breath, the world’s first syrup range infused with chilli.

"Mild" Chilli Coffee...
Like No Other

We are super excited to be selected 1st place in the Chilli Beverages Category for the prestigious Mr Chilli Awards 2020. 

After only a few short weeks in business, our peers have provided us with the greatest compliment we could of hoped for.  Don’t take our word for it, others have confirmed and agree they know it tastes awesome!

Chilli Coffee - 4 Heat Intensities

Premium Roasted Whole Beans
"Pure Drinking Pleasure”

ONLY $20.95 per 500 gm bag

Bliss in a cup, D’BEANS premium whole coffee beans are packed with flavour, a synergy of balanced smooth coffee.  It delivers a bold creamy body with a wonderfully rich crema.  The sweet toffee, chocolate and hazelnut characteristics create a moreish cup of joy.  The  D’BEANS coffee beans are sourced from several optimal highland regions, over 1700 meters.  The medium roast is meticulously controlled to unlock the full flavour and richness of the various beans. The blend perfectly complements an overall balance from these varietal regions. We developed this specialty coffee, to a superior flavour level, capable of being able to be blended with the punch of Chilli spice.  Hence, it is full-flavoured as a stand-alone premium coffee without compromise.  D’BEANS will delight any coffee lover, simply it is great coffee!  Craving pure liquid gold in a cup, D’BEANS coffee delivers on every level!

D'LISH "Super Mild"
Chilli Coffee

From $10.95 per bag

D'VINE "Mild"
Chilli Coffee

From $10.95 per bag

D'MIDL "Medium"
Chilli Coffee

From $10.95 per bag

Chilli Coffee

From $10.95 per bag

How to Sample
Chilli Coffee?

Try a take away or even a sample bag to try at home?

Here is one way… Come and meet our creative inventor Tuesday – Friday mornings on Pitt Road, Burpengary or at the  Saturday mornings at the Burpengary traders markets.

Like a sample bag?  You can buy on-line or if you join up as a VIP Member we will send you a complementary sample bag of our Mild Chilli Coffee Blend.


Can you please help us to build our stockist network...

As cafes and restaurants start to return to some sort of normal, wouldn’t it be great if you could find, dine in or take away Chilli Coffee when ever and where ever you want?

As a relatively new company, our challenge, spreading the word about Chilli Coffee! 

Here’s how you could help get the word out there.  Invite your cafe to stock Chilli Coffee.  By handing your cafe owner an “Invitation Card” (see an example to the left) with your name attached, if they contact us and come on board, purchasing just one bag of Chilli Coffee, we will send you a full 500 gm bag of your choice of coffee, with our compliments, to say thanks for the introduction.  Interested, need some cards to hand out, click on the link below to learn more.

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Fun, Interesting Videos

Click on the link below to access our video library.  

Life is too short not to have some fun, so we will add to our library regularly.  Like us to include any information or topics of interest, please let us know.  You can provide your suggestions when you click on the link.

Recipes & Demo Videos

Cooking with Chilli Coffee is a delight.  We have an extensive range of recipes using Chilli Coffee. Regularly we will load new recipes, sharing and demonstrating how to create fresh spicy tastes.

When we are not preparing a scrumptious new taste sensation, we will invite guest presenters to share their creations to mix it up a bit. We welcome your suggestions or videos demonstrating how you make beverages or food creations using Chilli Coffee.


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